Liberia: CDC Calls For Run-Off Elections To Get Back On Track Quickly

In Liberia, the leader and Presidential contender of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is calling for the electoral process to be put back on track in timely manner.

Senator George-Weah

CDC Senator George Weah

Senator George Manneh Weah, who won 38.4 % of the October 10th Presidential vote, told his supporters on Tuesday evening at his party headquarters in Monrovia to remain peaceful pending the resolution of the Liberty Party’s complaints now before the National Elections Commission (NEC).

“They used to say that we CDC (Weah’s party) are hooligans, we are troublemakers, and in 2017 we know who the real troublemakers are. We are aware of all their tactics, all of their provocations, we will not allow ourselves to be distracted,” Weah said to party supporters.
The CDC is calling for a speedy resolution of the issues raised by the Liberty Party (LP) in order for a new date to be announced for the run-off elections.

The Liberty Party (LP) petitioned the Supreme Court of Liberia to halt the run off elections which were scheduled for November 7th, citing “fraud and irregularities” in the process. The Court, after hearing arguments last Friday from legal counsels of the Liberty Party (LP) and the National Elections Commission (NEC), halted the process and instructed the NEC to quickly hear and resolve the complaints raised by the Liberty Party before a new date is set for run-off elections.

Liberian Politicians

Liberian Politicians

No time-frame has been announced for the disposition of the issues raised by the Liberty Party (LP) which has now obtained the support of the ruling Unity Party of contender and incumbent Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the All Liberian Party (ALP).

The four parties, meantime, on Tuesday announced preliminary discussions on the formation of a “coalition” to support Vice President Joseph Boakai in the run-off elections with Senator Weah.

No formal commitments have been made by the parties but they say discussions are on-going.

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