Former Coach To President George Weah To Be Honored in Liberia

Coach Arsene Wenger

Plans have been finalized in the Liberian capital Monrovia for the government to decorate Arsene Wenger, the soccer coach who  first signed George Weah into European football leading to Weah’s successful career, with Liberia’s highest honour on August 24, an official source  confirmed Tuesday.

President George Weah and Coach Arsene Wenger

Wenger first signed Weah at the French side AS Monaco where the Liberian striker made his debut in international football leading him to a successful career where he won topmost accolades including world best footballer. 

Our Monrovia correspondent reports that Weah, however, never participated in the World Cup because Liberia never qualified to take part in football’s biggest jamboree.

Liberian critics,  in reaction to the planned investiture, say they believe Liberia’s national honorary decorations are reserved to honour persons who immensely served the nation or overwhelmingly contributed to its development, and not for individuals who merely guided and individual Liberian on a career path. 

Flag of Liberia

However, a government statement credits coach Arsene Wenger for bringing Weah to international limelight which ultimately motivated he (Weah) to turn his eyes on Liberia’s topmost job and become President of the small West African nation in January, this year.

Reporting by Tepitapia Sannah in Monrovia

West African Journal Magazine