Liberia: Former Central Bank Governor To Visit With Police To Assist With Investigation Into Missing “Container of Money”

Seal of Liberia

As investigation continues into the disappearance of a huge container and bags of Liberian bank notes, the government of Liberia has issued a National Security Advisory Circular in which is it ‘advising persons of interest who are required to assist with the ongoing investigation into circumstances surrounding the importation of Liberian Dollar bank notes into Liberia between November, 2017 and August, 2018, not to leave the country…”.

The country’s Ministry of Justice on Monday confirmed an on going investigation following media disclosure of the disappearance of nearly $9 billion dollar Liberia bank notes.

The country’s Ministry of Information, in a press statement issued Tuesday afternoon in Monrovia says the Government is taking the ongoing investigation seriously because of what it referred to as “national security implications.”

Former Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks

Several individuals were named by the Government of Liberia to cooperate with the investigation and include the former Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks, Charles Sirleaf, a Deputy Bank governor and son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and a prominent Lebanese businessman George Abi Jaoudi.

Deputy Central Bank Governor Charles Sirleaf

Other named are, Richard Walker, Mariea E.G. Toe, Musulyn R. B. Jackson, Ophelia Nyepan and Oldada Deshield

The Government of Liberia which is coming under heavy pressure for immediate answers from Liberians in and out of the country also named the Prince Bull, J. Barquolleh Gabriel, Theodosia Jreh, Zinnah Davison, Solomon Jaykpah, Kollie Ballah and Andrew Pabai as additional persons of interest asked to cooperation with the investigation.

Press Statement of Government of Liberia

Authorities at land and sea border points of entry and exits have been advised to heed the government’s circular in an attempt to ensure that those named do not leave the West African country. Meantime, the Liberian Information Ministry says the former Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks is expected to visit with investigators at the Liberia National Police on Wednesday morning.

None of the individuals named by the Liberian government are charged with any crime.

By Emmanuel Abalo

West African Journal Magazine