Liberia: President Weah Honors Former Coach With Country’s Highest Honor

Monrovia, 24 Aug 2018: Liberian President George Weah’s former coach Arsene Wenger and three Liberian sports icons have been decorated with the country’s highest honor – the Humane

Order of the Star of African Redemption with various grades.


President George M. Weah and His Former Coach Arsene Wenger


Our Monrovia correspondent reports that Coach Wenger received Knight Grand Commander while Togo’s coach

Claude LeRoy was given Knight Commander.


Former Lone Star coach Alhaji Frank Jericho Nagbe, former national coah

Vava George and basketball icon and administrator, Ms B. Wilson, all

were decorated with the grade of Commander in the Star of Africa.


Coach Wenger Visiting President George Weah


The west African nation of Ghana Earlier, was decorated with the Knight Grand Band in the Humane Order of African redemption for it’s contributions to peace and development in Liberia.


In a very brief remark , President Weah urged all Liberians “to use this day to focus more on those things that unite us rather than those that divide us.”


By Tepitapia Sannah in Monrovia

West African Journal

Former Coach To President George Weah To Be Honored in Liberia

Coach Arsene Wenger

Plans have been finalized in the Liberian capital Monrovia for the government to decorate Arsene Wenger, the soccer coach who  first signed George Weah into European football leading to Weah’s successful career, with Liberia’s highest honour on August 24, an official source  confirmed Tuesday.

President George Weah and Coach Arsene Wenger

Wenger first signed Weah at the French side AS Monaco where the Liberian striker made his debut in international football leading him to a successful career where he won topmost accolades including world best footballer. 

Our Monrovia correspondent reports that Weah, however, never participated in the World Cup because Liberia never qualified to take part in football’s biggest jamboree.

Liberian critics,  in reaction to the planned investiture, say they believe Liberia’s national honorary decorations are reserved to honour persons who immensely served the nation or overwhelmingly contributed to its development, and not for individuals who merely guided and individual Liberian on a career path. 

Flag of Liberia

However, a government statement credits coach Arsene Wenger for bringing Weah to international limelight which ultimately motivated he (Weah) to turn his eyes on Liberia’s topmost job and become President of the small West African nation in January, this year.

Reporting by Tepitapia Sannah in Monrovia

West African Journal Magazine

CAF Sanctions African Referees Over Bribery Allegations; Liberian Included

Forner GFA Head Kwesi Nyantakyi
Former GFA Head Kwesi Nyantakyi

The Disciplinary Board of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has taken action against several African referees named in a media investigation as accepting bribes. In a press statement issued on Saturday from Cairo, Egypt, CAF Board issued the following sanctions:

1. Mr. Marwa Range, Assistant Referee (Kenya) : life ban from all CAF related
football activities;
2. Mr. Boukari Ouedraogo, Referee (Burkina Faso): 5 years ban from all CAF
related football activities;
3. Mr. Denis Dembele, Referee (Cote d’Ivoire): 6 years ban from all CAF related
football activities;
4. Mr. Marius Tan, Assistant Referee (Cote d’Ivoire): 2 years ban from all CAF
related football activities;
5. Mr. Bi Valere Gouho, Assistant Referee (Cote d’Ivoire): 2 years ban from all CAF
related football activities;
6. Mr. Coulibay Abou, Referee (Cote d’Ivoire): 2 years ban from all CAF related
football activities;
7. Mr. Jallow Ebrima, Assistant Referee (Gambia): 10 years ban from all CAF
related football activities;
8. Mr. Moriba Diakite, Assistant Referee (Mali) : 5 years ban from all CAF related
football activities;
9. Mr. Demba Boubou, Assistant Referee (Mauritania) : 5 years ban from all CAF
related football activities;
10.Mr. Maman Raja Abba Malan Ousseini, Assistant Referee (Niger) :5 years ban
from all CAF related football activities;
11.Mr. Yanissou Bebou, Referee (Togo): 10 years ban from all CAF related football

In announcing additional sanctions, the African football body issued provisional suspensions against 11 referees from Liberia and Ghana pending their appearance before the disciplinary board scheduled for August 5, 2018.

1. Mr. Lathbridge Reginald, Referee (Ghana)
2. Mr. Bello Aboudou, Referee (Ghana)
3. Mr. Nantierre Eric, Assistant Referee (Ghana)

4. Mr. Fleischer Cecil, Referee (Ghana)
5. Mr. Anafo Nathan, Referee (Ghana)
6. Mr. Ouedraogo Dawood, Referee (Ghana)
7. Mr. Salifu Malik, Assistant Referee (Ghana)
8. Mrs. Akongyam Theresa, Women Assistant Referee (Ghana)
9. Mr. Badiu Brahim, Assistant Referee (Ghana)
10.Mr. Yekeh Jerry, Referee (Liberia)
11.Mr. David Laryea, Assistant Referee (Ghana)

The Liberian Referee provisionally suspended is Jerry Yekeh.

Liberian Referee Jerry Yekeh
Liberian Referee Jerry Yekeh

A a BBC undercover investigation by Ghanaian journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas showed some of the accused receiving monies to influence the outcome of football games.

Also caught up in the undercover investigative sting was the former head of Ghana’s Football Association (GFA) and FIFA Council member Kwesi Nyantaki. He was caught on tape allegedly accepting $68,000 cash from a reporter who went undercover as a businessman.

Mr. Nyantakyi, also senior executive of CAF, was suspended on June 8th  for 90 days by FIFA pending conclusion of an investigation in the matter. He subsequently announced his resignation as head of the GFA four weeks ago saying,  “…It stemmed out of the controversies generated by investigative report of Tiger Eye PI. In the said report I committeed a series of errors of indiscretion. I gravely associated the highest office of the land –the presidency- with private discussions I had with “Scammers” who deceived me into thinking they were genuine persons interested in investing in our country…”

The undercover investigation referenced Liberian referee Jerry Yekeh who officiated a match on September 16, 2017  Ghana and Mali in a WAFU Tournament at the time in Ghana

Referee Yekeh is not filmed accepting cash but is seen entering the room carrying materials where cash was being distributed, according to the investigation. He has denied receiving bribe to influence the outcome of matches.

Provisionally Suspended Liberian Referee Jerry Yekeh
Provisionally Suspended Liberian Referee Jerry Yekeh

An online website named WorldReferee has a write up Yekeh as follows: “Jerry S. Yekeh is a social worker in Monrovia.
He started his referee career in 2002 as his passion for football was stronger when his parents asked him to stop playing football and study instead. A leading referee in Liberia He quickly became one of the best referees in Liberia and received many awards from the Liberia Football Association, such as the Most prominent referee award in 2007-2008 and the best referee award in 2009-2011-2012.
He became an international FIFA referee in 2009 and then started in regional and youth international competitions.”

By Emmanuel Abalo

West African Journal Magazine




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