Liberia: Women’s NGO Launches TVET Sunday

An international Women’s Day Celebration organized by the non-governmental Design It and Training Institute (DITTI) gets underway on next Sunday, March 11th in the Liberian capital, Monrovia.

Road Map of Liberia
Road Map of Liberia

Founded by two Liberian female executives with extensive international work experience around women’s issues, DITTI says its primary goal is celebrate female trailblazers in the areas of the Economy, Arts and Culture, Education, Politics and Entrepreneurship under the theme, ” An Ode To Women Who Keep Pressing On Despite The Odds.”

In last December, DITTI says it sponsored a technical visit to Liberia where 5 males and 15 women were trained in bead making and jewelry design. The organization told the West African Journal Magazine that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with another organization – Design and Technical Institute (DTI) to train locals in metal art and carpentry for the production of metal work for home and garden and furniture.

DITTI says it has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for graphic design, food processing, stem and special needs education for the benefit of the local population in Liberia.


According to DITTI, its initiatives will improve the capacity of vocational and after-school teachers to address special needs opportunities. “We are requesting support from individuals, the Government of Liberia and international partners to realize this important goal,” the organization said.

At its upcoming women’s celebration program, DITTI says it will also launch its Training and Vocational Education Center at which locals will learn and develop skills for employment.

In support raising funds for its students scholarship program, women’s handicraft will also be auctioned.

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