Aggrieved Ruling Party Members Demand Jobs in Liberia

Ruling CDC Liberia


Monrovia, 28 Aug 2018:  As pervasive economic hardship bites  in Liberia, President George Weah was Saturday shocked by scores of aggrieved zealots of his ruling coalition for Democratic change, CDC,  protesting at their party headquarters in demand for jobs.


Unsuspecting President Weah had arrived at his party headquarters to receive several defectors from opposition parties crossing over to the CDC; something fast becoming the newfound greener pasture here.


Former ruling Unity Party (UP) lawmaker  Richmond Anderson was Saturday amongst several persons nowadays streaming to join the ruling CDC.


Already, many southerners including Representatives Jay Nagbe Sloh and Johnathan Fornati Koffa, who won legislative seats on the former ruling UP and Liberty Party tickets have since crossed carpet to the CDC. Sinoe county Rep. Sloh says he is on a mission to woo 20 lawmakers to give CDC a “convincing majority at the Capitol.”


Bong county is an exception having a single CDC  representative in its 8-member legislative caucus.


Placard wielding  CDcians chanting “We want jobs, we want jobs…” We are tired of being marginalized,” had directed their anger party chairman Mulbah Morlu, accused of favoring nonpartisans over CDCians for employment.


But President Weah remained acquiescent about the job protests whose authors vowed to continue until their grievances are met.


Ruling CDC Party Chairman Mulbah Morlu


Our Monrovia correspondent reports that Chairman Mulbah’s drive for only ruling party CDC members to occupy jobs is seriously ruining the Civil Service Agency (CAA) now obliged to employ, according to CDC recommendations, thus swelling the CSA with over 2000 new employees, let alone the Capitol Building

where nepotism and patronage are rampant. 


Meanwhile, barely a fortnight before he makes his debut at the UN, president Weah has recalled ambassador Lewis Brown from the UN in New York and replaced him with deputy foreign minister D. Maxwell Kemayen, a neophyte in diplomacy, thus creating speculations for the move.


By Tepitapia Sannah in Monrovia

West African Journal