Controversial Liberian Prelate Comes Under Heavy Criticisms Over Statement

Monrovia, Liberia January 23, 2019 – An investigation conducted by the West African Journal Magazine has revealed that a controversial Liberian prelate and Founder of the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center and Global Ministries Archbishop Isaac Winker in September, 2013 “…warned Liberians, ‘Super Powers’ and those sitting on the judgment throne that God would prove them wrong one day, if they don’t repent their sins, but continue to set their eyes on those they considered the worst sinners.

Founder - Dominion Global Ministries Archbishop Isaac Winker
Founder – Dominion Global Ministries Archbishop Isaac Winker

His warning came just prior to the final judgment appeal by former President Charles Taylor in his war crimes prosecution before the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

The local New Dawn newspaper, in a report at the time quoted Rev. Winker at an intercessory service for Taylor as contending that, …” that crimes were not transferable, arguing that Taylor did not physically commit the killing and atrocities for which he was prosecuted…”

NEW DAWN Report: Instead, the clergyman said in his mind, one of the reasons that led to former President Taylor’s arrest by the super power countries serving as policemen, was because Taylor was one of the smartest Liberians that could not be pulled by the nose.

Secondly, Bishop Winker said Taylor was also arrested and confined by the super powers was due to his consistent refusal to hastily approve and put pen to paper in the oil business here- only because the former Liberian Leader had Liberians in mind.

“One reason for super power arresting and have him confined today is because of the oil business. Taylor was not thinking to hastily put his pen to paper to approve it, but he had you Liberians in mind. But Bishop Winker noted that Africans are not animals to be treated by western powers in the manner they do, warning them to be careful as they were all God’s creatures.

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor
Former Liberian President Charles Taylor

“Africans are not animals; I want to warn the super powers to be careful; we are God’s creatures- they should be careful how they handle us. The same God that made them is the same God that made us,” he warned amidst cheering multitude… There are multitudes of sins you have committed; you are not working on them, and you are concentrating on Taylor. You better be careful- at the end of the day, don’t be surprised to see Taylor in Heaven, and you are gnawing your teeth in hell fire. Those Ivorian protested on behalf of their leader; but what happened to Liberians? Crucify him, so Taylor is considered the worst sinner in Liberia; then he deserves the love that brought Jesus Christ to die on the cross. Liberians need to repent; we need to work on our attitudes- the way we treat leaders. Don’t be surprised, as Taylor said ‘God willing, I will be back’. Taylor had no factory to manufacture guns. The same nations that sold guns to him, the same nations that turned to policemen and arrested him, and then they turned around because he couldn’t bow.”

 Taylor was convicted by the Special Court For Sierra Leone (SCSL) sitting in the Hague, in 2012 and sentenced to 50 years in prison on 11 counts of crimes against humanity, including acts of terrorism, murder, rape and the conscription of child soldiers. He launched a devastating war in the 1990s which claimed the lives of an estimated 250,00 Liberians and foreign residents and displaced nearly 1 million others internally and externally.

Controversy is now swirling around Archbishop Winker since his statement on Tuesday, January 23, 2019 at a program in Monrovia marking the one year anniversary of the President of President George M. Weah Archbishop Winker asserted that, “ God’ should rise up against anyone who will rise up against the leadership of the Liberian President…”

In various quarters in Liberia and on social media, citizens the Pentecostal prelate has come under heavy criticism for his statement in which he declared, “…The enemy fights in different forms, any one, any leader with a heart for his people needs the prayer of believers – Christians and all well-meaning Liberians. Because there are forces that vowed that what you promised would not be delivered…. All the politicians in this place today here me: If you don’t support the person in power today, there will be no support for you tomorrow… I decree and declare that Liberians be committed to their country with true patriotism and nationalistic spirit. If you love Liberia, you’ll not be doing what you’re doing. Those of you on social media who are painting your nation ugly, who are you harming? You’re harming yourself. If no food comes to this country, President Weah and his family would be the last people to run out of food. You need to know that.”

Liberian President George M. Weah
Liberian President George M. Weah

At a program organized by Archbishop Isaac A. Winker of the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center in President Weah’s honor upon his return from the United Nation General Assembly last October, the religious leader told the President and congregation in reference to the “missing billion” saga, that, “By seeking the face of God for direction especially when a dent has been placed on the integrity of the country, it is also equally important for a decision coming from the ongoing investigation surrounding the missing money be void of any interference.”

He, however, at the time, urged the President not to pay any attention to “unnecessary criticisms” from citizens.

The final investigation report into the missing money is yet to be released, although sources say, it has been presented to the Liberian President.

A press statement published on April 17, 2018 on the website of the country’s state house also known as the Executive Mansion showed Archbishop Winker’s appointment as a Board Member to Liberia’s main referral hospital John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

He was ordained as a Reverend in April, 1985, Bishop in June of 2004 and Archbishop in April, 2019. His ordination was attended by President Weah.


dominion christian fellowship charity

Dominion Christian Fellowship Center Isaac Winker Global Ministry is listed in Prophetstown, Illinois ,the US as a 501(c) (3)Charity with Foundation Church 170(b)(1)(A)(i) status. According to letter issued in June, 2016 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), although exempt from filing income tax, the public charity is required to file an Annual Information Return. The website Charity Navigator lists the charity as a church, “Independent – the organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations) and has no assets or income but accepts charitable donations which are deductible under U.S. tax laws.

Political Map of Liberia
Political Map of Liberia

But the Clara Town branch of the church located in the capital Monrovia has on its website that it, “ …is one of 24 branches of the Isaac Winker Global Ministries, Incorporated (IWGMI). The Isaac Winker Global Ministries, with one United States based church in the US state of Pennsylvania was established as the result of the vision of Bishop Isaac Winker. A few years ago, the Lord spoke to Bishop Winker in a dream one night in which the following words were heard: “Isaac, get up and let’s pray”. When Isaac woke up in that dream, he saw the Lord kneeling by his bedside praying. He knelt by the Lord and prayed. Then the Lord laid his Hand on Isaac’s head and prayed….”

It is unclear if the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center Isaac Winker Global Ministry charity in the U.S. has been filing its required Annual Information Return with the IRS.

 By Our Staff Reporter and Correspondent in Monrovia

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