The opposition in Equatorial Guinea is accusing the dictatorial government of what it calls the “cruel and inhumane” treatment of detainees following the death of an opposition activist who was being held in government custody.

Map of Equatorial Guinea
Map of Equatorial Guinea

According to the opposition, activist Santiago Ebee Ela died at the main police station over the weekend  as a result of what the Citizens for Innovation (CI)opposition group called “cruel torture.”


The opposition activist was picked up on January 2 from his home, according to the opposition group which says it believes that there are over 200 of its activists in government detention, adding that, “The death of Santiago Ebee Ela is a consequence of the cruel and inhumane treatment shown to CI detainees by security forces of the PDGE regime,” an apparent reference to the ruling Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea headed by President Teodoro Obiang.

The Equatorial Guinean government has not responded to the news of the death of activist Ela.


President Teodoro Obiang Nguema who became President in 1979 is now Africa’s longest serving leader which has violently crushed dissent and opposition to his dictatorial rule.

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