Liberia: UN Ends Successful Peacekeeping Mission

Monrovia, Feb 6 – After a 15,000-strong UN peacekeeping mission to Liberia,  the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) which stabilized Liberia that already held two successful  democratic presidential and legislative elections, on Monday announced final departure following 14 years of service.
National Coat of Arms of Liberia
National Coat of Arms of Liberia

In a resolution in August 2003, the UN Security Council authorized UNMIL to disarm and demobilize thousands of maurading combatants used by several warlords to commit  atrocities in this country a decade and half ago.

UNMIL also trained a brand new national army, police, immigration as well as other security and law enforcement forces over 14 years during which they were deployed throughout Liberia.
The UN Security Council authorized the mission following the signing of a Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) by warring factions and civil society leaders in Accra, Ghana following the forced resignation of then president Charles Taylor August 3, 2003.
They also reinforced respect for rule of law, human rights and gender sensitivity.
UN Peacekeeping Policewomen from India Arrive In Liberia
UN Peacekeeping Policewomen from India Arrive In Liberia.png

As nearly 160 UNMIL  personnel died of different causes, new President George Weah consoled the UN family for the human losses sustained and praised the men and women in blue helmets for a success story here.

Decorations of dozens of UNMIL troops from contributing countries  climaxed the occasion held at UNMIL headquarters in the Liberian capital Monrovia.
Reporting by Tepitapia Sannah in Monrovia