Security Harassment At Liberia-Guinea Border

Several businessmen, women, children and foreigners plying the main border entry of Liberia and Guinea in Ganta, Nimba are said to be under serious harassments by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.

Liberia-Guinea Map
Liberia-Guinea Map

West African Journal Magazine correspondent quoting reports from that part of the country, normal activities at the main border in Ganta, Nimba County came to a standstill on Sunday, February 11, 2018, when officials of the Transnational Crime Unit, (TCU) Alex Kromah and Moses P. Jones, seized a Guinean commercial truck with plate GF 8682 loaded with goods from Guinea to Liberia for what they referred to as ‘security reason.’

Speaking to our correspondent, the officers said they were trained as Transnational Crime Unit agents to check every moving object along the Ganta-Guinea border especially the inspection of goods and other harmful substances.
“We are trained Transnational Crime Unit; we check on every moving objects, such as vehicles with goods, our operations here in Ganta is to inspect trucks from Guinea, this is a special security operation something that headquarter knows about.” “We will furnish the Director of Police from here and remember, we don’t speak to the media; we are security officers; we have our spokesperson in Monrovia, a Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) Officers Moses P. Jones and Alex Kromah,” said when they were asked by journalists.

A businesswoman identified as Hawa Kamara complain of being harassed on many occasions by those very officers. According to Madam Kamara during their security check some of their goods were reported missing. The businesswoman who has always purchased her goods from neighboring Guinea said that upon her arrival at the Ganta-Guinea border some of the officers of the Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) arrested the truck carrying her under false pretense that some illegal items were found on the truck.

Ganta-Guinea Highway
Ganta-Liberia-Guinea Highway

Explaining her ordeal, businesswoman Kamara disclosed that the intent of the officers was to extort money and intimidate her by harassing and threatening her so that she could give money for her release.
Some citizens in that part of the country have complained that the situation is creating serious hardship in the county and on the business community; most especially Liberians from the southeastern region.

She further alleged that in December 2017, the same officers arrested their truck with goods upon arrival in Ganta saying that the goods contained arms and ammunitions though the information turned out to be false.

“We spent three days at the border during that time and after searching the truck, no weapons or gunshots were found in the truck but they kept us for nights and finally took money from us,” she said.

Madam Kamara pointed accusing fingers at the two TCU officers, Jones and Kromah for leaving their assignment in the Country’s Capital City, Monrovia to Ganta to inspect a truck from Guinea with goods.
Members of the business community in Ganta Nimba County described the action of the two officers as criminal and a complete security harassment.

They are calling on the George M. Weah-Government especially Ministry of Justice to
investigate the operation of the two officers and all government security institutions in the country.

By Lincoln Barcon in Monrovia

West African Journal Magazine